The concept was envisioned in 1992 by cartoonist Enki Bilal and a match of chess boxing was a major plot point of this graphic novel.

Iepe Rubingh,a dutch artist was inspired by Bilal's book and brought the concept to life in the spring in 2001.

Then Rubingh decided that the metod described in the book, a boxing match followed by a chess match, was impractical so Rubingh instead established alternating rounds of chess and boxing.

The first world championship was held in Asterdam in 2003 and was won by Iepe Rubigh.

October 1st,2005:The first European Chess Boxing Championship took place in Berlin and was won by Tihomir Atanassov of Bulgaria.

April,2008: The UK's first Chess Boxing club was launched in London by team Noolgar.

July,2008:in Berlin a 19-year old Russian mathematics student Nikolai Sazhin won the title of ''World Champion'' in

chess boxing


- Each player has boxing flores each removed for the chess round 

- The players have a head phones been when talking part in chess so not heard advice from the audience 

- Then you need a very good place to do this amazing sport 

- Also you need a protection in your mouth to protect your self .0

- You can use the protector to hit your oponent


From hot combats to cool calculations, this sporting event is in a league of its own.

Frenzied rhythms, psychedelic lights and thrilling commentary underscore on epic battle of brain and brawn.Watch men who are in trouble.It's more than just sport;It's sophisticated enternaiment and philosophy.


A boxing fight is a cultural a sporting event. you have the arena throught a long dark tunnel , and are drawn into a different world, a cave fighting . the mood is intense and captivating . It is the quiet , yet insistent , ticking of a clock , low throbbing music echoing the beat of your own heart . Its a fight , but it´s music , lights , and state of the art . And then there´s the chant booming at you , driving the audience into a frenzy of excitement : ``Men want to fight , kings will fall , by the end of the night one will stand before all ´´ 

The figthers enter. They're thought,they're smart,and they're out to win 


This sport was created in 1992 and its participants range from 14 to 64. It combines chess and boxing alternating one round of each discipline. In Spain there are more than 200 people who practice this sport The world's first chess boxing championship was held in Amsterdam in 2003 and was won by Iepe Rubingh. The record of expectation was fulfilled in 2007 in the state Viadmir in Germany. The longest game lasted 5 hours and there were more than 15 rounds between both disciplines. 


A chessboxing fight consist of 11 rounds:

6 rounds of chess and 5 rounds of boxing and a victory in eitherchess of boxing wings and ends the entire contest:

-Victory by technical knockout in boxing

-Vitory by checkmate in chess

The breaks between the chess and boxing rounds usually last 60 seconds

Each round last three minutes regardiess of whether it involves chess or boxing



Chessboxing is a hybrid that combines:chess,a thinking game and boxing,a physical sport

The competetors fight in alterning rounds of chess of boxing

It can be played either men of women

The first chessboxing competition took place in Berlin in 2003

Chessboxing is particulary popular in Germany,The United Kingdom,India,and Russia